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Faculty Feedback Factory

Get Thousands of Hours of Your Life Back!

As a fellow online adjunct professor, what if one little piece of software could give you eight hours of your life back each week? What if I told you I've gotten over 6,000 hours of my own life back in the past five years?

After grading more than 35,000 assignments myself, I've learned how to generate high-quality, meaningful, specific, and personalized feedback for my students -- rapidly and efficiently.

Last year, I was the "Excellence in Teaching" award recipient for one of the nation's largest online universities and the Faculty Feedback Factory helped me do t.

Lighten Your Workload without Reducing the Quality of Your Feedback

I know that the temptation is great to just copy and paste rote feedback -- or worse, to provide trivial, sparse, or no feedback at all to your students. You know they deserve better, and your university's quality assurance standards demand that you do better. Term after term, course after course, assignment after grueling assignment, I wondered if there was a better way.

Until I decided to do something about it.

Created By an Online Professor, for Online Professors

I created the Faculty Feedback Factory to serve online adjuncts like you -- and like me -- to help us get hours of our life back without sacrificing the quality our students deserve. I'm spending more time being responsive to students' needs and building meaningful relationships instead of monotonously grading a seemingly insurmountable queue of assignments. I'm also spending more time with my family, my reseach, and my other interests.

The Faculty Feedback Factory has not only given me thousands of hours of my life back, it's helped me to humanize my approach to online teaching.

Your Feedback, Personalized for Your Students

Using the Faculty Feedback Factory, you can create your own bank of feedback snippets, arrange and rearrange them as you see fit, turn them on and off, and generate summary narratives feedback for your students in seconds.

The Faculty Feedback Factory works with any LMS, quickly and efficiently using your clipboard to transfer text. It's fast, it's easy, and it simply works.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life and the Life of Your Students?

Are you ready to get thousands of hours of your life back too? Sign-up today for the Faculty Feedback Factory to improve your online teaching practice by providing high-quality, personalized, and meaningful feedback to your students. Yes, one little piece of software can change your life, your career, and the lives of the students you serve!

Customizable Feedback

Don't sacrifice low-quality or settle for insufficient student feedback -- save time by working from your own reusable and rearrangeable templates of feedback snippets. Quickly add and rearrange snippets of feedback by assignment and course -- in your own words!

Easy-to-Use Interface

Use drag-and-drop to quickly rearrange snippets and construct customized narratives. No need to copy and paste or retype individual sentences. Toggle individual snippets to construct a personalized, customized, high-quality paragraph of narrative feedback for each student.

Simple Copy/Paste Export

Personalize feedback with the student's first name. Store a list of student names per course and quickly cycle through them as you complete your grading. Simply copy and paste the feedback into your LMS -- and then tweak it as needed!