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Faculty Feedback Factory
Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in the Free Account?

A free account with Faculty Feedback Factory provides you with one course and one assignment. You can create unlimited feedback snippets in that course/assignment and add unlimited students to your roster.

Does Faculty Feedback Factory interface directly with my LMS?

Not directly. Faculty Feedback Factory will output a block of narrative text that you can copy and paste into your LMS to provide high-quality feedback to your students. This means that it is compatible with every LMS, including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Google Classroom, eCollege, and others.

Is this Computer-Generated Feedback?

No! These are your own words. The Faculty Feedback Factory is just the engine, but you provide the fuel and set the destination! We believe that it's important to preserve the integrity of the teaching and learning process by ensuring that the feedback is your own!

Can I construct my own high-quality student feedback?

Yes! The system is designed for you to write critical and constructive feedback for each assignment based on your own style, insight, and language. While you can reuse snippets and rearrange them to construct unique paragraphs of narrative feedback, they are ultimately your own words -- which means they come from you!

How can I insert the student's name?

You can simply insert a FIRSTNAME variable into your feedback snippets and the factory will customize your snippet to include the student's first name from a dropdown list!

How do I get support?

Visit the customer support page to submit a support ticket inquriy.